This book is for those who want to know what on earth am I here for? In times of uncertainty, many seek comforting answers to help change the course of their lives.  Deanna, a once-troubled soul, was inspired to write for the troubled soul. God Positioning Spirit takes the reader on an emotional journey portraying Deanna's life-changing transformations where she was shadowed with poignant hardships and death-defying moments. God Positioning Spirit is more than just a personal account; it s a template that will motivate readers to evaluate their lives. The core message: there is no moment, no aspect, no facet of life that can't be repositioned for purpose. 

​Deanna Brown hits a home run with the wisdom and compassion she has learned from a very challenging life. One realizes that her heart is a very safe place to land in as she takes you on her journey from despair to destiny. One thing I have learned over the years is that life can be quite messy at times; however, God uses every single minute of it to help us grow and become all He knows we are capable of being and what we can become when we just defy the odds and step up.

It is one thing to be able to forgive others; the real toughie is the ability to totally forgive ourselves for the poor choices we have made that may have had a deep effect on an another human being and this is something Deanna is able to get through to us in her writing. She shows how your GPS, God Positioning Spirit, can point us in the direction of our destiny by helping us evaluate and redirect our lives.

A couple of life changing lessons she learned from Tony Robbins was that her past does not equal her future (unless she chooses to let it) and the other one was to to never leave someone in an unresourceful state. Deanna does not do that to us. She gives us the resources to get up one more time. I believe Deanna exemplifies in spades this belief that I have adopted, by sacred sharing the messier parts of her life that sometimes we want to skip over and rather not talk about.

It takes a whole lot of courage and wanting to reach out to help another human being to be able to share these things with the empathy and compassion she exhibits so that she can give HOPE and empowerment to someone else and help them tie another knot in the rope of life and hang on one more time, realizing that this can be just a temporary situation rather than a permanent one. Enjoy all the life lessons within this gem of a book and thank you so much, Deanna, for being so real and writing from your heart. God Bless You!
 Oprah Winfrey gave the commencement speech at Harvard in 2013 and was quoted as saying "to be guided by the still small voice that is a GPS within ourselves is to find out what makes us come alive. You will be more then okay - you will make a difference."
This is an inspirational book about a woman who overcame all odds to achieve her purpose and destiny in life and is touching thousands of people around the world. Born into poverty and with a junior high education, she was abandoned by her family at 14 and by 23 had seven children. In the throes of abusive relationships, destructive addictions and intrusive thoughts that kept her emotionally imprisoned, Deanna overcame her circumstances when she found the courage to redirect her life. It was in the moment of decision combined with faith and determination that her life was transformed with the help of her internal GPS - a God Positioning Spirit that led the way.


For years, I had shied away from traditional life coaches. I felt that I did not need motivating with the level of ambition I already had, or the coaches I had met did not walk the talk and had nothing to teach me. The bottom line was I did not connect with many folks and felt they could not add value to my life. 

I already had everything. I was 34, had a beautiful wife and three amazing daughters, and a career in Financial Services that provided many choices and luxuries for my family. Based in Hong Kong, I had worked in Singapore, Sydney and London. I traveled extensively and could do pretty much anything I wanted. I had everything in my life that I had always wanted as a boy, and more. 

Yet, I did not feel truly fulfilled. I once heard someone say 
that a life of abundance with no fulfillment is the ultimate failure. They were right. Something was missing in my life, 
and I had no idea what it was. For me to feel like this made me angry. I had fantastic people in my life that cared and loved me. To believe that something was missing made me feel guilty. 

After I met Deanna in 2012, I realized that I had misjudged the value of a coach. I found that I needed someone who could guide me beyond the superficial state I had lived in for so long; a coach who could help me steer through the new emotions I found as a result of an awakening experience . . . I saw God for the first time in my life.

I was at a conference. I was relaxed and in a semi-conscious state, when I "saw" an old man, a black man, staring at me. He was in a lot of pain. Several minutes into this vision, he looked away from me. He looked to his right hand side. I felt immense physical pain and sadness. My heart ached. I had neck pain. I was nearly yelling out for him to look back at me. I will never forget this feeling of total abandonment. Several minutes later, he looked back at me. My heart filled with physical warmth, right in the center of my chest. I felt heat in my hands. It was a moment of pure love. I then went into a deep state of relaxation.

My belief is that this vision, this gift, 
was to teach me that God has always been in me, 
through all the years that my parents taught me about him. 
 I needed to let Him in and have faith. 
I had looked away from Him for so long,
 just like He did to me in this experience.

Later the next day, I met Deanna. She walked by me, and I stopped her. She looked right at me. There were no words. I stared into Deanna's eyes and she knew that I had seen God. She knew I had found my path. We didn't say much to one another, other than exchange details and promise to be in touch. 

I have spoken to Deanna every week since. I have experienced unimaginable changes in my life. I returned home to my wonderful family. Deanna has been enormously helpful in aligning my personal life changes to the lives of those whom I love the most. 

My wife, too, has started to speak to Deanna regularly. In four days, I increased the funding for my business. I opened offices in Hong Kong and London within four months. I signed up every client I wanted and hired 15 people. 

The relationship I have with Deanna has given me a guide through these newfound feelings of faith, freedom and clarity. She has taught me how to stay focused on my values at a phase of enormous release and growth. 

How do I feel today? There is only one word: Guided. Totally! There is a certainty that I am on a path to my destiny. I do not know where it is going, but I know there is a plan and that I am moving in the right direction. The reason for this is my belief in something far greater. After 34 years, I have started a relationship with God. Not a relationship yet of worship, just an awareness of our Maker, and the trust and belief that He is always with us. 

To find this path, to allow God to position us as He has planned . . . this is when your life begins and your real potential, a level that was before unimaginable, 
starts to materialize. 

With so much going on with my newfound direction and fearless approach to life, "staying in the present" has become a real goal. This is something that Deanna talks about at length. 

Like many coaching relationships, it is a journey. I feel privileged to have met Deanna as I made the right turn down the highway of my life. She is certainly someone who I would like to stay with on this journey for many years ahead. 

As you read this book, you will experience Deanna's journey, and I hope that through her life and the revelations she has received, you will find God, receive GPS, and start walking your own path of destiny.

~Sam Jones
Founder and CEO, CompIndex Corporation

Life is a Process of Discovery:

  • Position:  The first critical step was to Position my life to move forward. I needed to learn to love, to believe in myself, and to identify what was causing me pain and to take a different approach to becoming accountable as a participant in my own life.

  • Promise:  I realized that even though I loved my parents, their life choices were not the route I wanted to travel for my children or myself. This revelation required me to find mentors whose values reflected the life I imagined myself living; awakening a Promise long-desired to be fulfilled.  

  • Passion:  I knew no one was going to come to my rescue. If anyone did, I realized, there would be a trade off, a condition attached. Therefore, I needed to learn the meaning of love and apply it to myself. I needed to change all of the destructive associations linked to my past and develop a mind-set of possibilities fueled with Passion to move me forward.

  • Purpose:  Finally, the most healing step was forgiveness. When I forgave myself, my parents, and everyone else who had caused me pain, I began to heal. It was amazing to realize that the most painful, challenging, and humbling experiences of my life were essential components necessary for me to fulfill my life's Purpose. 

"Deanna shows us yet again that your focus determines your life. She lived through unimaginable events and came out stronger. This is a must-read for anyone who thinks their past determines their future.

"She truly understands that your worst pain can be your greatest gift. Having lived through events most of us hope to never experience, she came to understand that in every story lies a message of hope and resolve. Her story is yet another example that, in truth, a person is not created in crisis but revealed in crisis."
~Tony Robbins

"As a former corporate executive now entrepreneur, I fully embraced Deanna’s message of repositioning our lives for purpose. Deanna’s amazing journey, her process of discovery, has resulted her becoming a sought after speaker and an effective educator helping thousands with her workshops. I found GPS, From Despair to Destiny to be emotionally captivating and spiritually inspiring; and a book that I could not put down. It’s clear that Deanna Brown is an agent for change and making a difference!"
~Michelle DeLizio Podlesni, author of #1 Bestseller, Unconventional Nurse